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Portrait of an Artist

Lauren Siry will present a collection of watercolor, gouache, and ink works on paper from her Icarus Series on Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 6PM-9PM. 

A cocktail reception will continue on the rooftop of the Porto Vista Hotel until 10:00PM. 

Living in a fast-paced world of many distractions often prevents inward reflection. Portrait of an Artist is a series of figurative works that investigates the constant mingling of contraries within oneself and encourages a moment of introspective thought. Siry examines the struggle of internal balance between passion and intellect, the feminine and masculine, and control and chaos.  Alluding to the myth of Icarus, Siry illuminates the consequences of imbalance and the necessity of self-reflection.  

Artist Process: 

Siry approaches a blank surface with instinctive marks of watercolor and gouache. Within these marks, Siry observes anatomical shapes that form a figure then captures its movements with swift ink strokes.  Frozen in flight, the viewer decides the fate of the figure. 

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