Jeremy Zierau

Jeremy Zierau works as a Software Engineer by day and artist by night. He lives a disciplined routine of waking, working, art-making, eating and sleeping. His art making process is embedded in this routine as he gradually collects objects and pairs them together conceptually and physically.  Once the pairing has been constructed, Zierau distances himself from the art object and approaches the work days or weeks later to respond objectively.  Zierau’s accompanied writing is an examination on the objective process and the reception of the work as the viewer.  

Zierau explores human communication and the methods we use to process data. He creates semi-objective objects, renderings and videos that focus on the late 20th century ideology of artistic inclusiveness and the rise of the Arts & Craft stores. Zierau holds a BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art. 


Jeremy Zierau's exploration of human communication reaches beyond the object and image into audio communication. While in residence, Zierau launched a weekly podcast dedicated to topics unrelated to art. Topics include:  food, pantsuits, bad cartoons, tree forts, nu-metal, insomnia, alternate dimensions, and Britney Spears.  Zierau says he is “actively looking for ways to get past this whole 20th century notion of what an artist is/believes in/does/etc.” 

Britney Spears

In the 8th Episode of Irrelevant, Jeremy Zierau and Meghan Lyon discuss the plight of the modern artist. Meghan Lyon is a Brooklyn-based artist. 


Alternate Dimensions

Episode 7 features Jeremy Zierau and Olin Caprison in conversation about alternate dimensions. A multi-instrumentalist, Caprison composes and dissects diverse styles of music in search of a syncretic narrative of human sound. View his work



In Episode 6 of Irrelevant Jeremy Zierau and Aaron James Kuhn focus on insomnia while touching upon the Aaron James Kuhn Persona Collective, work schedules and Kuhn's honeymoon.