Melissa Walter: San Diego Film Awards

1805 Gallery is pleased to announce that A New Stellar Order, a documentary featuring Melissa Walter's residency project at 1805 Gallery, has been nominated for best documentary short at the San Diego Film Awards.   

While in residence at 1805 Gallery, Melissa Walter a graphic designer and science illustrator for NASA, completed an installation of black threads that burst from points within the pristine white gallery wall fanning out toward the large square window.  The installation explored the concept of dark energy, a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all space and exerts a negative pressure that causes the universe to expand at an ever-increasing rate. Walter’s installation of intersecting and overlapping threads translates the challenging concept of the Universe into a visual and physical experience.   

Click HERE to purchase tickets to the San Diego Film Awards ceremony on April 8, 2018. 


Image stills from A New Stellar Order courtesy of the Artist Odyssey