Xicana: Katie Ruiz Interview

“The blanket pattern was important because I made a choice to use blankets that I owned or that were specifically Mexican textiles. Then I started to learn about the textiles and did a residency in Oaxaca to learn traditional back-strap weaving. There I learned about the symbols woven into the tejido (weaving) to create stories of the town or personal life experience. After that I paid much more attention to what the textile narrative means and how it affects the narrative of my work.  Now, several years later I have been on a journey of self-discovery and identity. These new paintings are about my ethnicity as a Mexican-American Woman. They are about how I tried to cover up when I was young. I wanted to have lighter skin and be red haired with freckles. There was a girl on the Disney channel who I wanted to be like. So these new paintings I am covered by the Mickey blanket which is a very "American" symbol but my Mexican-ness is still showing in the form of Otomi Pattern "thoughts" coming out of my head.” - 1805 Gallery Artist in Residence Katie Ruiz

Xicana: Katie Ruiz  

Exhibition On View: May 30, 2019 - June 22, 2019  

Artist Reception: May 30, 2019, 6-9PM 

Free Admission with RSVP

Food provided by Chicano Soul Food

1805 Columbia Street, San Diego, Ca 92101 

Film by Holly Jane Sutor

Produced by 1805 Gallery