exhibiting artist: Andrew Alcasid

"Blue Plane, Red Plane" Monoprint 2012 Andrew Alcasid, a local working artist and printmaking student, resides in San Diego where he explores every art niche with extreme curiosity and enthusiasm.  Eighteen o Five is currently displaying Andrew's work in the ongoing show "Strange Cravings". His series of monoprints titled "Square in the Room"  and "Blue Plane, Red Plane" are heavily influenced by installation artist, James Turrell. He examines concepts of light and space within traditional two-dimensional methods with the goal of manipulating space through various planes of color.




"Square in the Room" Monoprint 2012

"In a world of constant repetition and monotony, I crave the chaos of creation.I crave meaning in an otherwise meaningless space. In a perverse and masochistic way, I crave the commotion that shatters the silence of peace. When everyday is a cycle so simplistic that worth and perception is lost in self meditation, I crave the break in the chain that inspires the free flow of awareness.  An empty space, a peaceful reprieve, a moment of complete and whole-hearted content;I crave the thoughts that splinter a filtered existence."

-Andrew Alcasid



"Square in the Room" Monoprint 2012



You can view Andrew's prints, alongside four additional artists, at Eighteen o Five on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, between 12pm and 5pm, until June 3rd.