Art Above SD Exhibiting Artist: Jenessa Goodman

Jenessa Goodman

Eighteen o Five is pleased to announce that Jenessa Goodman will be a featured artist at the Spring Edition of Art Above San Diego at the Porto Vista Hotel. 

Jenessa Goodman's artwork is the result of lots of gathering. She takes textures and geometry from nature, then reinvents and dissolves them. Goodman find images in dreams and archetypal mythology. She study plants, colors, and patterns of human movement. Her intuitive paintings are primarily in ink and gauche. 

Goodman is inspired by the concepts of micro and macro as they relate to nature and to human consciousness. Her work often visually documents the movement of a tiny speck as it grows into a field of pattern. Repetition pulses through the composition then changes into something new. Matter is balanced with nothingness. Looming shapes blossom from clouds, and ferocious (or are they playful?) animals make appearances. Goodman is fascinated by dreams, Jungian psychology and the concept of a collective unconscious. Through art, she seeks to strengthen the links between different realities. 

Jenessa Goodman will be exhibiting works from her ink and gauche series at Art Above San Diego on Saturday March 15, from 2-8pm on the rooftop of the Porto Vista Hotel.

The Porto Vista Hotel is located on 1835 Columbia Street in Little Italy of San Diego.

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