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Home Affairs Collective: Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi

Binding Workshop. A book is like a body. It has a ‘spine’, head’, and ‘foot’. It’s pages reference landscape; ‘mountain’ folds, and ‘valleys’. We are in need of mending our past, future, and present, books have always held a special place within healing modalities worldwide. Recipes, medicinal and otherwise, religious and spiritual treatises, stories, histories, eventually find their way into the pages of books. Home Affairs will offer a workshop on a binding that allows one to continually add pages to their book over time.

About the Artists

Arzu Ozkal is a Turkish born artist and designer, whose work questions dogmas, traditions, laws, and patriarchal value systems through videos, public interventions, and performances.

Nanette Yannuzzi is a visual artist and writer whose creative work is inspired and challenged by the enigma that is contemporary life.