Irrelevant Episode 7: Alternate Dimensions - Jeremy Zierau chats with Olin Caprison

Irrelevant is a weekly podcast dedicated to topics unrelated to art. Episode 7 will feature Jeremy Zierau and Olin Caprison in conversation about alternate dimensions. Caprison is currently taking over the world under the moniker VIOLENCE. A multi-instrumentalist, Caprison composes, produces and performs for all of VIOLENCE's output. He composes and dissects diverse styles of music in search of a syncretic narrative of human sound. View his work here:

New Work by Resident Artist Jeremy Zierau

Singular Concept

Jeremy Zierau. Singular Concept. 2016.Acrylic Paint, Caulk Gun, Concrete, Matte Panel (White). 10" x 10" x “22. 

Our ability to solve complex issues has been hindered by our level of education. Content injection is a negated obloquy. Art gives the viewer equal stake in the topic at hand, and instead of allowing for free communication (whether it be positive or negative by nature), art has a habit of hindering the voices of objection. In order for art to evolve, ALL lines of communication need to be kept open, and not just ones that are acceptable only to the most “open-minded” Globalist. Censorship in it’s simplest form, is ignorance.

Jeremy Zierau

September 2 through Friday, November 18, 2016

While in residence, Zierau will create art object pairings and produce a weekly podcast that documents conversations with local artists about irrelevant topics.  

b.1985, Lives and works in San Diego, CA

Jeremy Zierau explores human communication and the methods we use to process data. He creates semi-objective objects, renderings and videos that focus on the late 20th century ideology of artistic inclusiveness and the rise of the Arts & Craft stores. Zierau holds a BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art. 

Irrelevant Episode 2: Pantsuits - Jeremy Zierau chats with Peter Zohore

In the second episode of Irrelevant, Jeremy talks with Peter Zohore about Pantsuits. They struggle to avoid Hillary Clinton as they explore her iconic outfit choice and touch upon topics that include: non-sexual adult camps, bathing suits, irredeemable television characters, and Pat Riley.

Zohore, an Ivorian-American performative artist, explores ideas of privilege, romance, and miscommunication within domestic and professional spaces. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Irrelevant Episode 1: Food - Jeremy Zierau chats with Chris Bennett

Irrelevant Podcast

Every Thursday at 8:00pm 1805 Gallery will open to the public for a live taping of Irrelevant.  The weekly podcast will feature conversations about irrelevant topics between Jeremy Zierau and a select group of local artists.  

Episode 1 of Irrelevant features Jeremy Zierau in conversation with multi-disciplinary artist, Chris Bennett. Bennett graduated from Cooper Union and is currently living in the Wilds of Pennsylvania.   Zierau and Bennett discuss food practice, overpriced sandwiches, tomato infestations and much more.

“It takes all day to get nothing done” -Chris Bennett