Melissa Walter: San Diego CityBeat

1805 Gallery is proud to announce that resident artist Melissa Walter is featured in San Diego CityBeat as "one of the most fascinating and prolific artists currently working in the local art scene."  

"What is that?” asked a passerby, stopping mid-stride to look inside the window of the 1805 Gallery in Little Italy.

It was a rather apropos question considering what she was looking at:  a series of encompassing thread sculptures that protrude from the wall and prismatically extend out over the small gallery space. An early evening during the solstice was the perfect time to see it. The rays of the setting sun blocked by surrounding buildings, the dwindling light of day completed and complimented the rays of artistic energy that were being blasted out of the walls and onto any person that happened to be walking by....."

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Melissa Walter will be in residence at 1805 Gallery through July 9, 2017.  Her residency project Dark Energy is complete and available to view daily. Walter will host a viewing reception on Wednesday, June 28th from 7-9PM with an informal talk at 8PM.  

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