Exhibiting Artist: Diego Marcial Rios


"Somebody Up There Likes Me" Diego Marcial Rios, Mixed Media on Paper, 2012

Eighteen o Five is currently exhibiting work by Diego Marcial Rios in the new show, “Hero Reconsiderd”. Rios, a San Francisco based artist, is displaying “Somebody Up There Likes Me”, a mixed media work that deals with positive and negative forces.

The piece depicts two distinct figures within two  oppositional scenes. In the lower foreground there is a somber man in a suit surrounded by lively graphite buildings that gravitate towards him. Sail boats sway in the distance while the man is still.

 Throughout the drawing, Rios delicately cuts out intricate details that energize the image. The windows of the buildings, the wings of the spiritual figure, and the division of the two scenes are all manipulated by the cut of a blade.Detail "Somebody Up There Likes Me" Diego Marcial Rios, Mixed Media on Paper

 The lower portion of the work is executed in graphite with extreme detail that ground the figure, while the upper portion is approached with vivid colors and whimsical organic shapes.

 As one’s eye gravitates to the floating figure the intensity of color rises. The shift in color and  texture create a circular movement that is echoed throughout the work. The lower scene  is raised on a spherical shape while simplistic birds circle the figure against a green and yellow swirl above the buildings.

 There is a constant pull between spiritually and mortality that is mirrored in the movement of the piece.  With great detail and thoughtful symbolism, Rios successfully manipulates and demands the attention of the viewer’s eye.



"Somebody Up There Likes Me", by Diego Marcial Rios, will be exhibiting and available at Eighteen o Five until August 4th.  

Open Friday thru Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Eighteen o Five is located at 1805 Columbia Street in Little Italy.