Andres Nagel: Allusions on Paper


Meyer Fine Art is currently exhibiting Andres Nagel: Allusions on Paper, featuring seven black and white etchings and fifteen mixed media originals. In this series, Nagel focuses on historical monuments colliding with modern materials.

Having accomplished an architectural degree in Pamplona, Nagel initially approaches the Spanish Monuments structurally in black and white etchings. Once the series of etchings are complete, he manipulates the paper with collage, paint, and extreme enthusiasm .

Each individual piece has tremendous energy and sign of the artist. Paper is ripped, train tickets are glued, notes are scribbled, and everyday objects are applied. One can imagine the artist at work quickly finding a harmonious relationship between a blue rectangular postage stamp and a sharp yellow pigment.  These moments in Nagel’s collages are breathtaking in themselves.

 Images are fragmented as well as built up. Nagel’s work feels light and effortless while still provoking cultural and social commentary.  

 Andres Nagel will be on view until August twenty-fourth at  Meyer Fine Art gallery in Little Italy. The second reception will be held on Friday August tenth between six and nine.